Welcome to Megan’s Touch

Wow – what a labor of love this site has, and is going to be! Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you check back often. This is going to be a updated newsletter/blog of what YOU can do to help us find a cure for diabetes. Please excuse if I use this as a ranting board sometimes too…For those of you who have diabetes….you will understand So, you may be asking– What is Megan’s Touch and how does it affect me? Megan’s Touch was set up with the help of my family to support the American Diabetes Association’s Research Foundation, meaning 100% of the proceeds will go DIRECTLY to diabetes research. Now, how do you support? You can donate directly through us, OR, you can purchase Mary Kay Cosmetics and we will donate all profits to the Research Foundation. We are using our family business as the vehicle to donate as much as we can for diabetes research. This is just the start–I will keep updating as much as possible as to HOW DIABETES EFFECTS YOU! Even if you don’t have, or personally know someone, it does effect you….through your tax dollars at work. Thanks again for check out my site! Look around–there are articles and interviews that I’ve done in the past related to all of my familes work for the ADA. ~j~ megan