An update from Diabetes Alert Day

Hot off the presses!

Over 38,000 people took the risk test for type 2 diabetes on Tuesday, March 27th. That is the good news. Over 50% of those that took the test are at HIGH RISK for type 2 diabetes. We need to find the prevention and we need to find a cure – now!


Living with Diabetes Expo 2012



The 2012 Living with Diabetes Expo was a great success!







Joe and I worked at the Share Your Story booth <— click the link to see my story!




My awesome Mom and Granma worked the Advocacy table! There were great booths with lots of information for people with both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes! We even signed up 108 new Diabetes Advocates!!




I need a cure, like yesterday…

So, just as I was thinking through my life today, I realized something…Where would my life be without diabetes? Now I know no one would ask for this disease, but honestly, would I be doing what I am in my life without it? Probably not. It has opened so many doors, and made me that much more aware of the world around me. But saying that- I’ve had enough. I’m ready for a cure. I’m ready to not have to think about if I have enough syringes on me, or that my insulin stays cold all the time. I’m ready to not have to think about if my blood sugar is high before a test and what it might do to my concentration. I think I’ve learned enough from having a chronic illness…don’t you agree?