Holy cow exciting times ahead

Like I’ve said in previous posts — yes, this site is about Diabetes awareness, advocacy and education. BUT (that’s a big but…) diabetes is in every part of my life. I don’t get to take a vacation from it, I don’t get one day off, and I certainly remember it when things are stressful, exciting or just downright boring. All that being said — the next two weeks are crazy exciting packed. (My definition of crazy exciting might be slightly skewed, because well, I’m just like that).

This next week is my last week as a Graduate student. Kinda sad, who am I kidding — KINDA AMAZING! Not that anything was a breeze for me in my undergraduate degree, but it just seemed to fly by and I got through the required courses and I had my degree. But honestly, with my Master’s, it has been blood, sweat, tears (lots of tears) and hard work for this degree. I believe it is an amazing accomplishment and I’m so excited to have my Master’s in Emergency Management Administration!

Other then that, my scary 27th birthday is coming up. No, I’m not supersticious, but I’m not a fan of the 27th year. I think I’ll stick with 26 and holding for about 5 more years.

Between finals (Practicum, Statistics and Terrorism), papers and my job, the next two weeks are going to fly by. I’m trying to reflect on the past two years of Grad school, the opportunities I’ve had, the awesome people I’ve had a chance to work with and meet and I just want to say how incredibly blessed I am. This journey of life has taken some unexpected twists and turns, but I can honestly say I have not let my diabetes hold me back from my dreams. Sure, there have been moments of frustration and the inevitable why me? moments, but I’ve gotten through them. With the help of my amazing husband, my unbelievably amazing family and my friends, I have made it through another chapter of my life. This is just a thank you to all those that have had a footprint on my heart and soul and I can never thank you for what you have taught me in this game called life.



A family affair for Easter




First off, let me say that Megan’s Touch is a place for my family and I to reflect on our lives with diabetes, but also a place to share our everyday triumphs and thoughts. That being said, here’s a little post on how special this Easter will always be remembered.




This picture is special in so many ways, not only is this a picture of the most amazing Grandparents a girl could imagine, but they have always been my biggest cheerleaders in my everyday challenges with diabetes. Now, in a blog post, you can’t see the tears streaming down my face, but let me assure you, they are there.

March 2nd, my Gramps went into the hospital. Not knowing what was wrong, or going into the details, he spent 12 extremely long days there. After several annoying doctors later, there was diagnosis of cancer. A word that I never wanted to hear, let alone know that my precious Gramps was diagnosed with. But it’s here and we’re dealing with it, as a family, as we always do. The picture above was taken the day after he started his 1st chemo treatment in Dallas, TX at an amazing facility and he got to spend some time with my amazing Aunt and Uncle who reside in Dallas.

Now, for the fun stuff, interesting part of my Gramps being on chemo – he got to wear a pump for 48 hours, and will continue to for, I believe, 4 more treatments at 48 hours each. So he carried his big pump around with him, and I got to kid him about what it’s like wearing/living with an insulin pump/pod. Interesting how these things work out. I got to show him how to roll in his sleep wearing that, get up in the middle of the night with beeping low batteries and try to “deal” with being connected to something for living-saving treatment. Now I understand chemo and an insulin pump are COMPLETELY different, and I understand no one can compare cancer to diabetes, that’s not my point. But the fact that I had someone else in my family understand what it’s like being hooked up to something, made it seem a little easier for a bit. Life isn’t always fair, our health isn’t always guaranteed, but learning to live the life we have is what we have to do. So Gramps, this one is for you! <3 you with all my heart!