About Megan

15 years ago, my family was featured in a short documentary on our advocacy work with the American Diabetes Association. Today, still active with the ADA, this is my family’s update my on journey with Type 1 diabetes and why advocacy work is still needed for diabetes.

At 27, I have completed my Master’s Degree in Emergency Management and I work for Hillcrest Medical Center as their Safety Coordinator. I have also just “celebrated” my 25th Dia-versary! Since the creation of Megan’s Touch, my non-profit organization that donates money to the ADA Research Foundation, my diabetes has led me on a journey I could never imagine.

Being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a month before my 3rd birthday, diabetes had always been a part of my life. Growing up and going to ADA camps for children with diabetes and being a counselor at these camps myself, I knew the importance this organization made in the lives of all people living with diabetes and their families every day. But how could I make a difference? I knew I would not let my diabetes hold me back from my dreams, but how to make diabetes a part of those dreams was always a question I had.

Working through college, and after graduating Oklahoma State University with my Political Science degree, I knew that I would use my diabetes as a catalyst for helping people like myself, to be prepared no matter what. People with diabetes during disasters face different challenges then others; where can they get supplies? Where do they store their insulin? Can they bring their supplies and medicine with them if they have to leave their home? These are all questions I wanted to help answer and with my passion for helping people with diabetes and my love of emergency management, I have made this into my career path today.

As I always say,

“I have not let diabetes stop me from doing anything, but I want to make sure people with diabetes can live out their dreams, and with the help of the American Diabetes Association, they make that possible every day.”

The need for people to be advocates for diabetes is needed today, more than ever. Join my family, myself and countless others across the nation to become an advocate for diabetes! Thank you for visiting MegansTouch.com and I welcome any questions or feed back you may have.