How you can donate

Megan’s Touch works by purchasing Mary Kay Cosmetics. My Mom, Kim Koleber, my Granma, Ann Schlitt, and myself all are Mary Kay consultants. All proceeds from purchases through Megan’s Touch will go directly to the American Diabetes Association’s Research Foundation. Donations are also accepted and are much appreciated! While it’s not all about $$- Megan’s Touch works with the American Diabetes Association to promote advocacy, awareness and education for all people with diabetes!

All the little details…

You may ask, why Mary Kay Cosmetics? The story starts when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in March 1988. It was a month before my 3rd birthday and my Mom worked full time as a Radiation Therapist in Tulsa, OK. Diabetes literally was a full time job for my family. Checking my blood sugar, preparing meals, making sure I got the right amount of exercise, insulin shots, repeat, every. single. day. Mary Kay came into my family’s life at just the right time and allowed my Mom and Granma to be able to help me care for my diabetes, and as I grew up, allowed my Mom to be “home room mom”, go on field trips and the flexibility to help me with my diabetes as needed. So you can see how this business not only was a fantastic company, but allowed my family to help me embrace my life with Type 1 diabetes.

About the Megan’s Touch Logo

The Megan’s Touch logo is a dancing hibiscus-like flower whose negative space depicts a dancing figure – Megan, a former dancer herself. This image also being used as an email greeting to reach those not specifically searching for ADA’s website. The greeting will link the email recipient to the Megan’s Touch website, so when people buy online, every purchase made guarantees that all profits of toward diabetes research.