Dear President Clinton

The following letter was chosen to be delivered, along with a meeting request from ADA, to President Bill Clinton in early 1998:

Dear President Clinton,

Hi! My name is Megan Koleber. I’m 12 1/2 years old and a straight A student at Jenks Middle School in Tulsa, OK. I play the piano & violin. I also have taken ballet for nine years, and have been on “toe” for three years and dance in jazz too. My mom showed me this petition in the Diabetes Forecast magazine; we receive monthly and I decided it’s time to find a cure for diabetes. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes a month before my 3rd birthday. Since being diagnosed I have taken 10,374 insulin shots (3 times a day) and twice that many finger-sticks to check my blood-sugar daily. I was so surprised to learn that finding a cure for Diabetes was not a priority. Thank you for increasing research last year, please do it again this year!

I’m in good control now, but when I become older I would like to still have my sight, kidneys, and heart in good condition and these are organs that have problems with people who have Diabetes. I hope that my collecting signatures for this petition with my families help will win me the trip to Washington, D.C. to meet you and Mrs. Clinton personally to deliver the Cure for Diabetes petition!

Megan Koleber

P.S. I enclosed a picture of me and one of my Beanies! (Snowball)

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